The Lightning Thief


The gods of Olympus are alive and well in the 21st Century! They still fall in love with mortals and have children who are half-god, half-human, like the heroes of the old Greek myths. Could you be one of those children?

This is the series that started it all; the adventure of Percy Jackson and his demigod friends. Tales of mythological monsters and the forces of the titan lord Kronos.






About the Author

About the Author Rick Riordan Born in San Antonio, Texas, Mr. Riordan attended Alamo Heights High School where he worked as an editor for the school newspaper and won third place in a state UIL feature writing competition.

He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a double major in English and History where he became certified to teach. His childhood literature influences was in reading Lord of the Rings ten times for fun; Greek and Norse mythology and his favorite genre science fiction books.

Mr. Riordan has written a couple of outstanding books in series injecting historical figures, gods and ancient societies. He is an award winning author with book titles features as number one in the New York Times Best Selling list.


Coming Soon in 2013 –
Heroes of Olympus, Book Four