Dec 2014 Teacher to Teacher : Da Vinci

Teacher to Teacher

Best Practices Implemented by Teachers at Da Vinci School for Science & the Arts

  • Best practice definitely involves getting to know your students and how they learn. Not everyone learns the same way and we have to be willing to differentiate and accommodate for all students. In the classroom, students use an interactive notebook; they do cooperative learning activities, and vocabulary activities. I provide instruction with hands on for tactile learners, pictures and notes for visual learners, and discussion for auditory learners. I also try to connect what we are learning with real world experiences so the student can see a purpose behind what they are learning. [AH]


  • I agree with Mrs. Hensley, best practice is truly getting to know  your students learning process to meet but also challenge are students is key to classroom success. In my classroom vocabulary activities with imagery, repetition, and connecting to real world use, are used daily for 7 minutes to develop better understanding in the upcoming lesson. Students will engage more in the lesson if they are confident in difficult terms used and will participate more actively in the cooperative learning lessons. Also, what makes are school so unique is we challenge are students not just academically but as active members of their society (Da Vinci). In our NJHS Chapter we have our honor students not only complete 10 hours of service hours but all so 10 hours of tutoring. Teachers have informed me such as Mr. Muguiro and Mrs. De la Rosa that are honor students have helped and encouraged many of their fellow peers to take ownership of their academic and behavioral success. We are shaping leaders of tomorrow here at Da Vinci School of Science and the Arts. [ES]


  • Congratulations to all faculty and staff because this is a team effort!  As a technology teacher, I ensure that the students understand how to use business and digital applications. The amazing part is that these skills are further enhanced because the core teachers have their students use their knowledge to create presentations in class.  STEM is strong at Da Vinci and with the Fine Arts and Sports, we are preparing well rounded individuals for success. Go Dragons! [LS]


  • In agree with Ms. Saenz in that by challenging our students and maintaining high expectations we hold the key to a successful teaching and learning experience. I have always believed that providing students with the ability to think creatively and analytically, is what really makes the difference! The applicability of what is being taught and learned is of great importance so that the students can relate the new knowledge to their daily life experiences. Here at Da Vinci, we have students who in the near future envision themselves as doctors, lawyers, educators, engineers, etc., and they are surely on the appropriate path for the pursuit of their dreams. As a language teacher, I explain to my students the importance of learning other languages, and the benefits of being bilingual or multilingual speakers especially in our globalized world. But I also want them to value their native language, culture and traditions, so they can take pride in who they are and appreciate their origin before committing themselves to learning a new language. I have incorporated many oral and listening activities in which students put into practice their communicative skills. Cooperative Learning and Project Based Learning have been implemented, so the students can be more successful, task-oriented, and responsible learners. I have implemented many real-life situation activities which have triggered the students’ interest to learn –Core Values, Family Tree, the Province of Quebec, the Menu, among others. [RA]


  • We are part of an educational institution that has a tremendous impact in the growth and development of the students. Our future generations will definitively need well-rounded citizens, capable of functioning well in a more multicultural, dynamic, and complex society. Thus, we are both, their school and life mentors, so they can be able to achieve their goals and dreams. And, as teachers at Da Vinci, we certainly inspire and commit ourselves to the success of all our students. [JA]


  • I agree with all of our colleagues.  I believe the first step to helping a student grow is getting to know him or her.  By knowing our students we are able to implement the strategies that will best insure their learning.  As a Spanish teacher I teach my students the importance and benefits of being multilingual.  I constantly tell those who already know to speak the language that there is always more to learn about it; it is not only important to speak it in social but also academic levels.  As for the culture, I teach them not only about what it is and entails but I help them understand different cultures by studying the relationships between the products, practices and perspectives.  I not only think the students are lucky to be in such an enriching school, but we are lucky to have students who are not only motivated but committed to their learning.  [JA]