Da Vinci High Altitude Balloon Release

Da Vinci High Altitude Balloon Release

Junior and Senior high school students from the Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts, from the Burnham Wood Charter School District, will be launching a high altitude balloon from their campus on Saturday, January 10th, at 10am. The balloon is predicted to land in north-central Hudspeth County, near the Texas-New Mexico border.   Assisted by Drs. P.J. Benfield and Matt Turner, two professors from The University of Alabama in Huntsville, the students’ balloon will take temperature, pressure, position, and photographic data during its approximately 2.5 hour flight. Using this data, the students will be able to develop atmospheric profiles up to approximately 100,000 feet, for use in their Engineering classes, led by Mr. Alexandro Medina, head of the Engineering and Mathematics Department.

G0019608 UP, UP & AWAY!!


Vista Garden Market Day

On November 8, 2014 Vista del Futuro hosted their Garden Market Day.

Garden Market Day1 Garden Club Members planting Spiral Gardens

Garden Market Day2 Garden Market Day3

Coach Wilson helping Kindergarten students plant seeds.

Garden Market Day5

The Garden Market Day included face painting and games.

Garden Market Day4