Da Vinci Supports Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Da Vinci Supports Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

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On Sunday March 1st the Da Vinci Student Council (DV Stuco) volunteered at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and had the distinction of being the school, beating out 5A and even 6A schools, with the most student participants/volunteers.  DV Stuco took close to 80 students, a city record, and 20 parent volunteers and sponsors.  All students arrived at the designated meeting place at 5:30 in the morning, on  a weekend without complaining, and cheered with posters and smiles until every last participant crossed the finish line.  Besides offering unconditional support and encouragement our students directed and guided over 12,000 participants through the downtown course.  Needless to say, our students played a huge role in the overall success of the event.  I have no doubt that everyone that participated understood how important and powerful the event was for thousands of individuals who are currently fighting cancer, for those that fought and beat cancer, and for those, including myself, that have lost a loved one to cancer.  In saying so, the event was indubitably therapeutic for thousands.  Ultimately, the purpose of this email is to thank you, the faculty and staff, for being the wonderful role models that you are and for demonstrating and modeling exemplary behavior on a daily basis.  Yes, our students are indeed special as they will also be cleaning up graffiti on their first day of spring break vacation this upcoming Saturday, but it is because of your leadership, direction, and guidance that has transformed, influenced and motivated our students to become the pillars of the community that they are.  The Da Vinci Student Council would not be able to accomplish such wonderful feats without your support and sponsorship and for that I thank you unconditionally.  I would especially like to thank all of the sponsors including Mrs. Walters, Coach Dominguez, Ms. Acuna, Ms. Hensely, Coach Hernandez, Mr. Medina, Mr. Shetty, and Mr. Villagrana for all of your devotion, commitment, and time you dedicate, including the myriad of Saturdays, to our mission and cause.  We are strong and united because of your noble efforts and integrity. Thank you, Ms. Magdaleno for allowing us the opportunities to change the world; I admit student council asks a lot from you and you are always willing to listen.  I definitely feel blessed not only to be a sponsor on one of the most recognized student councils in the state of Texas but to be part of this wonderful team of educators at Da Vinci.  Please take a minute to view the  Fox News segment link below for the Susan G. Komen Race which includes some our students at the event.

Submitted by Mr. Jacquez


Go to College for Free

Go to College for Free

You can go to college, earn a degree and not have to spend anything out of pocket! Though in the past, scholarships have been thought to be only for the elitist and the exceptional, with time they have grown more diverse and there is a plethora available for any type of student. Financial aid incentives have increased drastically and there are multiple avenues that students can explore for getting free money for their education.

The following is an article on the benefits of attaining scholarships to fund your higher education experience:


Listed Below is a few of many scholarship opportunities available for high school seniors:



Don’t Mess With Texas




Ronald McDonald House


Ford Family Foundation


Society of Women Engineers


Xerox Minority


Ron Brown Scholar Program


Hispanic Scholarship Fund


League of United Latin American Citizens


The American Institute of Graphic Arts and Worldstudio


Giv@ – GIVA



Submitted by Ms. Stiles, Academic Counselor

Friendship Dance

Vista del Futuro Friendship Dance

The Friendship Dance was held on 2/13/2015. Students enjoyed themselves during the dance.

Friendship Dance (1) Friendship Dance (2)

One Hundred Days of School

Vista del Futuro Charter celebrates 100th Day of School

100th Day(1)

Kindergarten students created signs and masks for 100 days of school parade.

100th Day(2)

Students held a parade around the school to celebrate 100 days of school.

100th Day(3)