FTC Panhandle Region Qualifying Tournament

FTC Panhandle Region Qualifying Tournament

This past Saturday, February 20th, our team participated in the FTC Robotics Tournament in Lubbock, TX. Out of 36 teams, we placed 25. Our students were awesome, and all the 8 hours we spent in the competition, they were working hard on improving the robot. After each of the 4 matches, they will come back to the pits and worked on the robot, fix something, add something, and prepare themselves on driving the robot and deciding the best strategy. Even though they didn’t place at the top, to me they are true champions. All the other teams were composed of high school seniors and juniors. Our students are 13 and 14 year olds. All teams came with a huge crew, big toolboxes, super complex robots, and a cheering squad. Da Vinci had 5 students working non-stop. Something I didn’t see in other teams. We had a lot of fun, and students were asking me if they could still “play” with the robot when we got to El Paso. These boys are incredible. Their behavior was remarkable as well, in and out of the competition. Thank you for all the support.

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Submitted by Agueda Salazar

Seniors Deliver Valentine’s Grams

Senior_ValentineDeliverySeniors Deliver Valentine’s Grams to Fundraise for Senior Trip

Seniors, Faith Gonzalez, Andrew Aristizabal, Ayleen Escarcega, Daniel Yslas, and Frank Peletz represented their class by going to Howard Burnham with Mrs. Sanchez to deliver Valentine’s Grams in efforts to raise funds for their senior trip to New York this May. Thanks to all the seniors that helped prepare the grams. Thank you Mrs. Shetty and Howard Burnham for your support! We welcome all donations! 🙂

Submitted by Mrs. Sanchez, Academic Dean

Dragon Robotics

Da Vinci Dragon Robotics

The DaVinci Dragons Robotics teams have been competing at both the local and national level for at least 7 years, and this year is no different! The local matches against bigger schools have been grueling, and the national competition is yet to come. Our teams, composed of boys and girls, have been working very hard with design, fabrication, testing and programming their robots. It hasn’t been easy, but along with all this hard work, mental challenges, and physical demands, the teams have worked long hours after school. They have given up their Saturdays of sleeping in late and spending time with their loved ones. Yet, they still have the fortitude to maintain their grades, and even have the strength to participate in other school competitions and activities! This goes hand on hand with the Core Values at Da Vinci. Go Dragons!

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Submitted by Agueda Salazar

Math Club

Da Vinci Math Club


My name is Mr. Raul Villagrana and I am a proud mathematics teacher and UIL Math Club sponsor at the Da Vinci School for Science & Arts. My goal in the UIL Math Club is to implement a balanced approach in order to allow students to see math as an art and hobby, rather than an obligation. To achieve these ends I have introduced a broader variety of mathematical problems and puzzles. I hope to also bring in guest lecturers from both ends of the spectrum: those who apply math in their profession and those who pursue math purely for enjoyment. There will also be new challenging and intriguing math games and opportunities for community service.

Your Da Vinci Math Club has a steady group of talented members that meet once a week every Monday afterschool. We have covered material not frequently discussed in the typical high school curriculum and have prepared for math competitions. We have attended four contests so far. On Saturday January 23rd, 2016 we had the honor of participating in a math competition at Burges High School. We had a great experience and a lot of fun at the same time. Our next math meet will be at Franklin High School on Saturday February 13th. It has been a great year for our start-up Math club and we look forward to continuing to build our team with your support. Thank you.


Submitted by Raul Villagrana