Theatre Arts Company Proves to be True Professionals

Da Vinci Theatre Arts Company Proves to be True Professionals

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From novice to pros, Da Vinci Drama displayed their worth at the exhibition of this year’s Spring Play.  The production included presentations of “I Want It Now!” put on by the high school theatre arts class, followed by “The Love Confusion” by the middle school students. The entire production was completely student run from the lights, sound, costuming and transitions, proving the professionalism and responsibility of these young thespians. I am extremely proud of each and every one of them for working as a unit to complete this task. It has been a true honor to lead and witness their growth in the Theatre Arts, Thank you!

Submitted by: Selina Nevarez

1st Annual Lynn Strelzin Pollock Drama & Poetry Competition


The top 10 finalists of the Lynn Strelzin Pollock Drama & Poetry Competition touched the hearts of judges, friends and family with their powerful displays of emotion.  The competition is held in honor of Ms. Lynn Pollock, former drama instructor for the Da Vinci School and Howard Burnham Elementary, whose love for performance and theatre has led to the development of this event to promote the appreciation and influence of the spoken word. After observing the performances, judges were extremely moved by our students. Adriana Dominguez, Senior Lecturer of Theatre from the University of Texas at El Paso, said she was “inspired by youth”. While local author Valentin Sandoval, thanked the performers, mentioning that being there was “good for the soul”.  The top three winners were invited by guest judge Roberto Santos to perform their piece at his local community performance event, the Border Senses Barbed Wire Open Mic Series.  We congratulate 8th grader Constanza Perez-Delgado for placing 3rd with her performance of the monologue, “The Ugly Step-sister Speaks Out”, Amelia Rubio, in 2nd for her original poem, “Shine Brighter than All the Stars” and Marcus Anthony Munoz, who took 1st place with his performance of “Vince’s Monologue” by Sam Shepard.  A heart-filled thanks goes out to all of our participants who proved just how much talent we have here at Da Vinci and who helped spread the joy of poetry and drama in celebration of our dear Ms. Lynn!

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Submitted by: Selina Nevarez

DV Student Council Adopts a Highway

DV Student Council Adopts a Highway


The Da Vinci student council is honored to announce they have adopted a highway.  Student council is currently participating in the Adopt A Highway program which entails caring for a two mile stretch of highway on Doniphan Road for an entire year.  After a lengthy application process the state of Texas granted the student council the stretch of highway based on merit and community engagement.  As part of the contract Da Vinci students committed to cleaning the stretch of highway four times a year.  Student council, with the help of parents, recently went out to clean the road and came across plenty of trash and debris including worn tires, old furniture, and large appliances. Some of the student council students could not fathom why anybody would dispose of their non- working dishwashers and refrigerators on the side of the road.  It was a lot of hard work to clean both sides of Doniphan Road but it was definitely a learning and eye opening experience for all who participated.  Da Vinci student council is proud to have adopted two miles of Texas and is very much looking forward to adopting the world next.

Submitted by: Luis Jacquez

Student Council Wins State Sweepstakes

Student Council Wins State Sweepstakes

20160518_DVStuCoYour Da Vinci Student Council achieved a feat that has only been accomplished a few times in the state of Texas.  DV Stuco became one of a handful of charter schools that received the Student Council State of Texas Sweepstakes Award for 2015-2016. In order to achieve the award student council had to compete and receive five different recognitions on behalf of the state of Texas including Community Service, Pride and Patriotism, D.A.S.H. (Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, Health), Energy and the Environment, and Outstanding Student Council.  It was very difficult to accomplish considering DV Stuco was given the same rubric and expectations as much larger 4A, 5A, and 6A schools.  Never ones to make excuses the Da Vinci students demonstrated the school’s core values, commitment, and dedication by working through the summer and sacrificing vacations, volunteering many weekends including having to show up at events before 6:00 a.m., and working on several holidays.  Over one hundred projects later the student council once again achieved what was once considered inconceivable.  Having a shared vision, genuine belief, open minds, and believing hearts allowed the unified students to collectively attain such an incredible accomplishment.  As Anthony Robbins once said, “What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability.  It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”  Congratulations student council for winning state and thank you for making believers out of all of us.

Submitted by: Luis Jacquez

Vista Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance Exposition

Vista del Futuro students demonstrated their groovy, modern and formal dancing skills on May 17 and 18 for their friends and family. Thank you to all who showed their support for our students and a big thank you to our dedicated coaches.

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National French Contest Winners

National French Contest Winners

I am proud to announce that our students did a fine job representing Da Vinci in the National French Contest 2016. The students who were awarded are in the top ten percent category in the El Paso region, and some of them got a national award, too (only ranks 1-13 get a medal). We attended the Awards’ Ceremony last Saturday, May 14th where the students received their trophies and medals. I am very proud of all of them for representing Da Vinci with pride and enthusiasm!


The names are from left to right.
Standing up: Diego Salazar, Luis Mora, Aryana Benavides, Amogh Misra, Carolina Tarin, and Jorge Guerrero.
Kneeling down: Antonio Caballero, Alfredo Alcala, and Jorge Munoz.

A special thank you to Mrs. Burnham and Mrs. Gonzalez for their continued support of the French Program this school year, and also to Mr. Jacquez for being with us Saturday morning to celebrate the students’ accomplishment!!

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I am PROUD to be a Dragon!!! Allez-Dragons!!! ☺

Name El Paso Region National Rank
Luis Mora 2nd place National Winner 9th place
Jorge Munoz 3rd place National Winner 11th place
Jorge Guerrero 5th place
Richard Needham 6th place
Aryana Benavides 7th place
Carolina Tarin 8th place
Ruben Duarte 10th place
Name El Paso Region National Rank
Alfredo Alcala 2nd place National Winner 6th place
Diego Salazar 4th place National Winner 8th place
Amogh Misra 5th place National Winner 10th place
Antonio Caballero 7th place National Winner 12th place
Alan Sanchez 7th place National Winner 12th place
Magnolia Estrada 8th place National Winner 13th place
Lorelei Moya 8th place National Winner 13th place
Andrew Borczynski 9th place
Diana Hernandez Dominguez 9th place
Valeria Vilchis Ramos 10th place
Deborah Mercado 10th place
Citlali Reyes 10th place

Submitted by: Mme Rocio Acevedo


Zumba for Uganda

Zumba for UgandaIMG_1341

In an effort to build a water well to alleviate a very serious water shortage in Uganda the Da Vinci student council hosted a Zumba Challenge fundraiser on Friday May 6th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the Da Vinci auditorium. The student council teamed up with fifteen very talented Zumba instructors for the event. Over seventy students, faculty, and community members participated in the three hour workout. Student council would like to thank everyone who donated their time and attended the event. A special congratulations goes out to Mrs. Acevedo who completed the Zumba challenge by dancing the entire three hours. As a token of appreciation student council members presented the Zumba volunteers with certificates and gift bags. The Zumba instructors were very happy with the turnout, participation, decorations, and Da Vinci’s hospitality. It was definitely a very memorable evening that included a great workout and more importantly a lifetime of memories.

IMG_1343 IMG_1348 IMG_1310

Submitted by Luis Jacquez

Da Vinci InSPIRESS Results are IN

I am proud to announce that for the third consecutive year, the Da Vinci InSPIRESS teams have had outstanding performances. Although the competition this year was more difficult than previous years, due to new team additions and Da Vinci setting the standards relatively high, the junior and senior teams were able to bring back home most of the trophies in every category. Three out of five of the Da Vinci teams won overall trophies in their division. We should be proud of all of our students for they have demonstrated Da Vinci’s potential. In fact, we will be needing a bigger trophy case because we have brought home a total of 12 new trophies! This could not have been possible without your support and dedication to our students.

Thank you!
Submitted by Alexandro Medina

Da Vinci Student Council Makes History

Da Vinci Student Council Makes History

Last year the Da Vinci Student Council became the first student body organization to simultaneously host and sponsor two community service events at different locations. This year the Da Vinci student council, unsatisfied, committed themselves to demonstrate the school’s philanthropic core values by volunteering at three different charities at once. On Saturday April 30th the Da Vinci Student Council made history once again by simultaneously volunteering at three different charities that included the Children’s Grief Center, Child Crisis Center, and La Posada. Congratulations to the student council and all the sponsors, parents, and students that made what was once considered impossible plausible. As Robert Brault once said, “The road to success is not a path you find but a trail you blaze.” Thank you student council for not going where other paths lead but instead leaving a trail where there is no path.

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Submitted By: Luis Jacquez