UCLA Professor David Hayes Bautista

UCLA Professor David Hayes–Bautista


On Wednesday, September 18th UCLA Professor David Hayes –Bautista, was an honored guest and speaker at the Da Vinci School. A Professor of Medicine, primarily in epidemiological, demographic and cultural influences on health, Dr. Bautista’s specializes in researching the health of Latino populations, with attention to the Latino Epidemiological Paradox: While the Hispanic population generally has lower income levels and less access to healthcare and education, Dr. Hayes-Bautista’s research shows that illnesses often cited as the major causes of health-related death in other populations in the United States are less for the Hispanic population.

Our guest introduced himself to the students and faculty by recounting his educational journey over his adult life. After learning from our students how many were interested in engineering, he shared the fact that he had studied engineering at his father’s request, but later found his interest in medicine. Now, he proclaims to be a historian and an author.  His 2004 book, La Nueva California: Latinos in the Golden State recounts researching the historic epidemiology and demography of Latinos in the California Gold Rush and American Civil War. Dr. Hayes-Bautista’s message to our students was to keep an open mind to the myriad of possibilities and studies that they might find meaningful and ultimately devote their lives to.

The Da Vinci students and faculty gave Dr. Hayes-Bautista a tour of the school, showing him our labs, our award winning engineering program, and the robotics projects. Accompanying our guest was Dr. Carlos Yates, an Advisory Board Member and a steadfast supporter of our schools. We want to thank Dr. Yates for bringing Dr. Hayes-Bautista to our school for an informative and inspirational evening.