Teacher to Teacher: Da Vinci and Data

Teacher to Teacher

Mrs. Gonzalez, the superintendent, challenged Da Vinci teachers to answer one of the following questions with the expectation that a dialog concerning teacher procedures and protocols will set the tone and expectations that will lead to a multitude of student benefits.

  1. How can we use Data Carousels at Da Vinci?
  2. What do you do to support the use of data in your classroom?
  3. How do you use data to reteach a lesson or concept?

The following are a sample of teacher responses that reflect the commitment and professionalism of our faculty. We share these comments in order to promote a better understanding of what Da Vinci stands for, and how it expects to fulfill its mission: student success.

  • 3. How do you use data to reteach a lesson or concept?
    After students complete an assessment, I analyze the SEs that were covered and the level of mastery for each student. I separate students into groups based on the SEs they did not understand and facilitate small group instruction to reteach specific concepts for students. Typically, after I have already taught a concept, I will focus on more hands on activities/graphic organizers to help students gain understanding in a more simplified way. From here, I build upon their knowledge until they have reached a satisfactory level of understanding. I do not only use summative assessments for to determine if a lesson needs to be retaught. I also use exit tickets, homework, and class assignments to determine students’ level of achievement. If needed I will reteach a concept to the entire class. [KM]
    • I really like your methods to ensure understanding and mastery of key concepts. In particular how you use a number of ways to ensure understanding. While it’s great that they show mastery on a test, it is still important that they are consistent with their exit tickets, homework, and class assignments. [PH]