Accessible description of introductory video

This is an accessible description of the introductory video on the main page of this website. The video is muted by default, so most people will not hear the narration by a female voice.

  1. The video opens with the screen split in half. The left half shows a young girl looking through a microscope. The right half shows a woman also looking through a microscope. The narrator says, “We were taught anything is possible.”
  2. A young girl builds a robot out of Lego on the left half of the screen, while a woman on the right half is in a conference room leading a meeting with a woman and man also visible at the table. The narrator says, “We were taught we could reach our goals and dreams.” This narration carries on to the next scene.
  3. A young boy plays the violin on the left side, while a man plays a musical keyboard while working on a computer with two monitors on the right side.
  4. The split disappears and the video now shows three young students (one girl on the left, one girl in the center, and a boy on the right) wearing safety goggles. The girl on the left pours a green liquid in a graduated flask into a beaker containing dark purple liquid. The girl in the center watches, while the boy on the right works with his own experiment which is not visible on the screen. The narrator says, “We excelled in science, technology, engineering, and math because we started applying these concepts in kinder[garten] and carried them through to graduation.” The narration continues through the next four scenes.
  5. A group of five boys is gathered around an chemical experiment in a cylinder. The camera slowly pans with the boys’ experiment obscured by various translucent containers.
  6. Three students are visible. Closest to the camera and on the right side, a boy makes adjustments to a robot with a Lego Mindstorms controller visible. The next nearest person, a girl on the left side of the screen, sits in a desk assembling a Lego Mindstorms robot. A bin likely containing robot parts is visible next to her. Farthest away is a girl using a notebook computer.
  7. A small girl in a dark green cap and gown picks up a rolled diploma from a woman in a blue dress.
  8. A different girl is then seen in a dark green cap and gown holding a rolled diploma while standing next to a woman in a black and white dress.
  9. A boy plays the piano while a group of twelve other boys and girls watch. The narrator says, “Our education focused on areas that would change the world.” The narration continues for the next two scenes.
  10. A woman writes on an interactive white board. A rectangular prism with the longest side being 24 units is visible. The woman writes “24 times 20” on the board.
  11. A group of six boys and girls play the violin at different distances from the camera. In the background is a chalkboard with calligraphic text reading "Violin Classes" with musical note drawings around the text.
  12. A folding, temporary wall is decorated with blue paper and various pieces of student artwork are visible. Pieces visible include a palm tree on a beach with a dark blue sky, two pandas with three hearts between them made out of a series of small circles, and a yellow sun with red rays made out of small circles. The narrator says, “We were taught in a positive, safe environment that nurtured our creativity, and taught this skill academically.” The narration continues over the next three scenes.
  13. The front of Howard Burnham Elementary School. Visible is the building’s address (7310) and the text “Burnham Wood Charter School District” just above the doors. The camera pans downward from the top of the building to the front doors.
  14. The front of the middle school building at Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts. The building address (785) is visible. The camera pans upward, revealing the text “Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts”.
  15. The front of Vista del Futuro Charter School. The camera zooms in on a point just above the front door. A light breeze blows through a flowering tree on the right and a bush on the left.
  16. A girl looks directly into the camera in a classroom. In the background and out of focus, a teacher speaks as a group of students listen. The narrator says, “Give your the same opportunity to succeed.” This narration continues over the next two scenes.
  17. We return to the scene of the three students working on Lego Mindstorms robots. This time, the girl that was in the middle is now at the foreground. She looks at the camera and smiles. The boy who worked on his robot is just behind the girl. He is now using a notebook computer. The girl from the back of the room is still farthest away, though the screen of the boy blocks the view.
  18. We return to the scene of the students playing the violin in front of the chalkboard. One boy is visible and smiles as he plays.
  19. A boy in a dark green cap and gown walks toward the camera and to the left while holding his rolled diploma. He looks at the ribbon that keeps the diploma from unraveling. The narrator says, “Join our family of charter schools, where children get the best tuition-free education.” The narration continues until the end.
  20. A group of students stand on the basketball court at Howard Burnham Elementary School. In the front row, from left to right, are two boys and two girls. In the back row, from left to right, is a boy, girl, boy, and boy. Each student holds signs, which they raise. In the front row, the signs held up say Composer, Senator, Scientist, and Engineer. In the back row, the signs say Surgeon, Designer, Musician, and Author.
  21. The screen turns white, showing the logos for each of the schools within the Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools. From left to right: Howard Burnham Elementary School, Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts, and Vista del Futuro Charter School. Underneath is the website address ( and phone number (915-584-9499).