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Greetings from the Principal: Ms. Martha Franco

Welcome to our updated Howard Burnham webpage. I am overjoyed to be the principal of a school where all students have an opportunity to grow, learn, and develop into future leaders. Our students represent a true cross section of our society and work together to become the best they can be. HBE teachers work hard to deliver quality instruction designed to meet the individual needs of every student.

The faculty and staff at Howard Burnham work diligently to ensure that all children feel valued and respected every day. We know that for children to grow into responsible, well rounded, and effective adults, they must learn about character, safety, and respect at an early age. At HBE, we are implementing character education that provides opportunities for every child to have a voice not related to academic learning. We stress kindness as our school theme and have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. When children can show empathy and understanding towards one another, negative behaviors decrease.

During the school year, parents have an opportunity to see orchestra performances, concerts, art shows, cultural, engineering and science fairs, participate in our grandparent’s and veteran’s day events, and join various parent meetings. Student programs include art, robotics, basketball, piano, violin, ballroom dancing, Chinese, German, cheerleading, library, after school tutoring, after care, scheduled visits to our new technology lab, and frequent character and guidance lessons lead by the counselor.

I invite the Howard Burnham community to become involved in our amazing school. When parents, educators, and community members work together for children, children grow, learn and excel.

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