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Our Board of Directors Our distinguished community leaders have shown their commitment to improving education by their hours of service, their sound advice and guidance, as well as their unwavering confidence in the school leadership.

  • Mr. Rogelio Chacon, Human Resources, Becton Dickinson and Parent
  • Mr. Stanley Esparza, Technical Support Coordinator, TelerX and Parent
  • Mr. Chad Friedrichsen, IT Senior Specialist/Software Developer IV
  • Mr. Carlos Kaplan, Businessman and Parent
  • Mr. Eric Summer, Senior Software Engineer, Exelis, Inc. and Parent
  • Mr. Pedro Velazco, Senior Manager (Engineering) at Becton Dickinson and Parent
Our Advisory Board Our Advisory Board is composed of parents, friends and supporters who believe in our vision and wish to share their expertise and experience with our leaders for the benefit of our students. Many on our Advisory Board have demonstrated interest in the Arts as well as in Technology and Science. They have assisted the District in implementing curriculum that enhances our students appreciation and understanding of these disciplines. Others have manifested their generosity in securing much-needed resources to implement these exciting program. If you are interested in serving as an Advisor to our District, please send us a letter describing your interests and commitment to serve.

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Financial Information

Superintendent’s Salary

  • 2019-2020: $140,000.00