Enrollment at Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools

Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools strives to serve as many students as our resources allow. Students living in El Paso or Hudspeth counties are eligible to register in the Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools. At present, our schools serve students from all corners of the El Paso Region. Registration for new students in grades 1-12 begins February 1st prior to the start of the next school year. Registration for new pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students starts January 1st. Returning students and siblings of returning students may turn in re-enrollment cards in the month of January to be exempt from the lottery. Enrollment forms are available at each campus, and online through the Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools website.

If fewer applications than spots available are received, students will be offered admission on a first-come, first-served basis. If Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools receives more applications than it has spots available in any grade level, it will conduct a random lottery. Each applicant selected during the lottery (up until all open seats are filled) will be offered admission. Once all enrollment spots have been filled by the lottery, the lottery will continue and applicants will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which they are drawn. If a vacancy arises before the commencement of the next school year, the individual on the waiting list with the lowest number assignment will be offered admission and then removed from the waiting list. If an application is received after the application period has passed, the applicant’s name will be added to the waiting list behind the names of the applicants who timely applied.

Families offered an enrollment seat will be sent a registration packet with instructions for registering. This notice will be sent no later than April 1st. Families must complete and return the registration packet by the published deadline in order to secure enrollment. If an enrollment offer is declined or if the registration packet is not completed by the established deadline, the child’s seat will be offered to the next potential student on the waiting list. Federal guidelines permit Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools to exempt from the lottery students who are already attending Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools; siblings of students already admitted to or attending Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools; and children of Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools’ founders, teachers, and staff, so long as the total number of students allowed under this exemption constitutes only a small percentage of Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools’ total enrollment.

Students with a documented history of a criminal offense, a juvenile court adjudication, or other discipline problems may be excluded from admission and enrollment in Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools. If a student has had documented discipline problems and has overcome them for at least one school semester by successfully attending a non-disciplinary, alternative program, the Charter School will accept the student. Burnham Wood Family of Charter Schools will not discriminate in its admission policy on the basis of sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, artistic or athletic ability, or the district the child would otherwise attend in accordance with the Texas Education Code.
Students and their families are invited to visit our campuses to tour the school and meet with school administrators five days a week, during office hours year round.

Vista Del Futuro Elementary: Enrolls Grades Pre-K3 through 8th
Howard Burnham Elementary: Enrolls Grades Pre-K4 through 5th
The Linguistic Academy of El Paso: Enrolls Grades Pre-K3 through 5th
Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts: Enrolls Grades 6th through 12th