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Welcome back to the 2021–2022 Vista Viper School Year!

Julie Contreras, principal of Vista Del FuturoIt is an absolute honor to be named the Principal of Vista del Futuro Charter School. I have been the Assistant Principal for the past two years. Before that, I taught Kindergarten for three years and then 7th grade for one year just before making the jump to AP.

I am confident that all principals say their faculty and staff are the best, but I am genuinely optimistic that Vista has the best educators in El Paso, Texas. Our Viper educators have one thing on their mind: the success of each Viper Student that passes through their classroom door. Last year, despite being in a pandemic and having most of our students learning from home, we departed with our students scoring the highest on STAAR in the city. It will be even harder to pull that off again this year, but our Viper Educators are determined to make each Viper succeed through the hard work and dedication they provide to each student. Through the tutelage of Dr. Gonzales and his vision of Prescriptive Tutoring, the teachers had tremendous assistance during online learning to ensure student success. Our Viper Educators would stay long hours over the computer with their students to fully understand their content objectives. These practices continue this year as we look forward to assisting our Viper students in a successful year inside the classroom.

We have so much going on this year at Vista, but first and foremost, we want to make sure we continue placing the health and well-being of our Students, Faculty, Staff, and Viper Families at the forefront. COVID is not gone yet, and so much controversy exists with masking or not masking, online or face-to-face. Our rules remain simple: We follow what is asked of us from the Governor of Texas, TEA, and the CDC. As a district, we are implementing rules for the safe return of any ill child or presents to the front office with any symptoms such as: (fever, chills, stomachache, headache, throat hurting, etc.). We ask our Viper Community to keep your child/ren home if they exhibit any of these ailments. Two ways to get your child/ren back to school are with a doctor’s note, or a NEGATIVE COVID-19 test. The first step is to call our front office and tell the nurse if your child/ren presents with an ailment. The nurse will then inform you of what you need to do to safely get your child/ren back to school. The only way a sick child or a child showing symptoms may return to school is by getting cleared by Dr. Gonzales. You must maintain contact with Nurse Juarez to get your student back to school. She will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Pushing forward, we are going to make our 2021-2022 school year a fabulous one! We are bringing back our regular activities. Sports will be taking off, cheerleading will be back in full swing, music will be heard down the halls again, and teachers tutoring their students will be happening after school throughout the building.

Viper Families, I look forward to all the extraordinary adventures we will have this year and years to come. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time.

Julie D. Contreras
Vista del Futuro Charter School

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