Get your picture in the yearbook!

Greetings from the Da Vinci Yearbook Team! Lifetouch has partnered with Shutterfly for a program called Snaps @home. This allows for parents to take their student’s portrait or for students to take their own portrait from home. Instructions are available in English and Spanish. It is imperative that parents and students take part in this, as this will be their only opportunity to get student portraits in the yearbook. We are asking that the students choose the “blue” background offered by Lifetouch so that the look of the portraits will be as uniform as possible in the yearbook. Once you complete the necessary steps, we are asking that you send your portraits to an email created by the yearbook teacher specifically for gathering these portraits: --_my}lx[ndz{chz{nsw]n;yz{hw]w]?cw]m_-- When you email the photo to the yearbook teacher, please make sure to include the student’s name how you would like it to appear in the yearbook (last name first, first name last) and their grade level.