Da Vinci Government Documents

Da Vinci Government Documents

Links below will direct you to the Texas Education Agency’s website to view Accountability Data. Some reports will require you to enter a district number or campus number. To look up Burnham Wood Charter School District, use district number 071801. If you are looking up by campus-specific information, use campus code 071801003.

Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS)
2006-2007 (English Glossary/Glosario en Español)
2007-2008 (English Glossary/Glosario en Español)
2008-2009 (English Glossary/Glosario en Español)
2009-2010 (English Glossary/Glosario en Español)
2010-2011 (English Glossary/Glosario en Español no está disponible)
2011-2012 (English Glossary/Glosario en Español)

Texas Academic Performance Report
2012-2013 (English Glossary/Glosario en Espanol)
2013-2014 (English Glossary/Glosario en Espanol)
2014-2015 (English Glossary/Glosario en Espanol)
2015-2016 (English Glossary/Glosario en Espanol)

School Report Card
2011-2012 (No Report Cards were produced)
Glossary available at TEA’s School Report Card page

Federal Report Cards
NCLB Report Cards 2009-2012
FRC 2012-2013
FRC 2013-2014
FRC 2014-2015
FRC 2015-2016

Accountability Rating System
2006 (English Manual)
2007 (English Manual)
2008 (English Manual)
2009 (English Manual)
2010 (English Manual)
2011 (English Manual)
2012 Accountability Ratings Not Issued
2013 (English Manual)
2014 (English Manual)
2015 (English Manual)
2016 (English Manual)

Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST)
The Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) rates the quality of a charter school’s financial practices. Ratings for a given school year are based on data from the previous school year. For example, the 2008-2009 rating is based on financial data from 2007-2008.
2008-2009 (based on 2007-2008 data)
2009-2010 (based on 2008-2009 data)
2010-2011 (based on 2009-2010 data)
2011-2012 and later (Select year from dropdown)

Community and Student Engagement Accountability Ratings

External Links
Dpt. of Education Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
TEA Link to Highly Qualified Teacher Reports