Grants play an important role in funding for our schools. The supplemental nature of grants allows us to expand and extend the support for all of our students. We work to apply for grants that will provide a wide range of services and supports for students, staff and our community. This page provides additional information on the grants in our district. If you have information on a grant you would like to share with us, please contact our campus principals or Superintendent.

Routinely, we apply for federal grants to support the work we do. These grants supplement the work that we do to serve students, staff and our community where allowable. Information about these grants may be accessed at:

QR code link to survey for mobile phones, accessible link belowPlease assist us in collecting information to help support our grant planning, needs assessment and review by completing our federal grant input survey:

Public Comment: 2023-2024 Federal Grant Applications
Comentario público: Solicitudes de subvenciones federales 2023-2024

ESSER Grant Information