Our Mission

Mission Statement

Burnham Wood Charter School District exists to provide each student the necessary skills needed to reach their fullest academic potential in order that they may actively contribute to the improvement of their community, their country, and the world as a whole. Whereas Da Vinci could only dream about the stars, our students will have the opportunity to be among them.


Burnham Wood Charter School District will teach the whole student and build character through a rigorous curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Fine Arts rooted in a foundation of Respect, Responsibility, and Quality.

Value Statement

These core values drive the mission of the Burnham Wood Charter School District and are woven into the culture of each school. They express the level of commitment to the fulfillment of our responsibilities to our students, their parents, and the community at large.
  • Challenging STEM project-based curricula
  • High academic expectations for all students
  • Respect, Responsibility, and Quality of self and work
  • Fostering self-worth and self-appreciation in all students
  • Developing life-long learners
  • Recognition that parental engagement is a crucial component of student success
  • A safe, nurturing, and positive environment that promotes a love of learning