The continued commitment to further develop our full roster of sports across our district has generated excitement among students who are rushing to take part.
Each of our four schools has seen exciting progress as new sports offerings are being made available.

In just the last year, Da Vinci has seen the introduction of cross country, track and field, flag football, cheerleading, baseball and softball and wrestling. Howard Burnham, Vista del Futuro and The Linguistic Academy Elementary schools have seen the addition of flag football, basketball, soccer, track, cheerleading and dance. And more sports are on the way.

The spring semester will see the introduction of golf, tennis and swimming to Da Vinci, as well as wrestling at the elementary schools. “It’s very important that we develop sports activities to help round out a complete education for all our students, boys and girls,” said Dr. G, Superintendent Dr. Joe Gonzales.

He added that many new students have recently joined the Burnham Wood family of schools after the success of the first-ever summer camps for sports, academics, music and art.
“The goal of growing a quality sports program for the region is quickly becoming a reality,” said Dr. G. “And that’s happened thanks to the coordinated efforts and the commitment of our administration, coaches, teachers, parents and the community.”

Efforts to expand Burnham Wood’s sports programs include:

  • Additional administrative support
  • Recruitment/retention of seasoned coaches
  • Quality training for coaches
  • Monthly coach debriefings
  • Upgrade of athletic facilities
  • A new Booster Club
  • New community partnerships

For more information, contact:
Dr. Joe Gonzales