Embrace the Challenge

A girl at sitting at a desk looking at a sheet of paper she is about to write on. Nearby is an open book and a teal binderAll Burnham Wood Schools offer a highly effective high-rigor curriculum that is designed to prepare all students for the academic challenges presented at Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts. As early as grades PK3 and PK4, students are taught critical foundational skills and a love for learning that will allow them to thrive throughout their most formative years, then excel in Middle and High School. Students are highly encouraged to participate in one of the many opportunities for skill enhancement after school, including robotics, sports, linguistics and the fine arts. A year-round Prescriptive Tutoring Program allows all students the support needed throughout their time in our highly competitive programs. Burnham Wood Elementary Schools offer:

  • Blue Ribbon/Honor Roll Schools
  • High Rigor STEM Curriculum
  • Dual Language Offerings
  • Science and Engineering Focus
  • After-School Programming to Enhance Academic Skills
A robotics team demonstrates their robot to another studentWith a multitude of credit courses, many with multiple levels, Da Vinci offers students the opportunity to choose academic programs appropriate for their ability and interests. Students may enroll in the University of Texas OnRAMPS Dual Credit Program, as early as their ninth-grade year, University of Texas Permian Basin Online Dual Credit Program, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses as early as their second year. As they progress through the curriculum, the choice of courses increases even further. Students may select from numerous electives. Burnham Wood Schools’ curriculum allows highly motivated students, for example, to study in an accelerated program during the summer, giving them the opportunity to get ahead. Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts offers:
  • Designated T-STEM Campus: Focusing in Science, Math, Technology and Engineering
  • UT Austin ONRAMPS, UT Permian Basin dual enrollment, Advanced Placement Courses
  • Students accepted into Elite Summer Programs and Universities such as Cornell, Harvard, Duke, UC Berkley, Tufts, University of Alabama, and the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Award Winning Robotics and Engineering Programs