UT Austin OnRamps

Opportunities for Da Vinci High School students have increased dramatically thanks to the district’s latest partnership with the University of Texas at Austin and its OnRamps program.

As a proud partner with OnRamps, our students will be able to take rigorous college-level courses at Da Vinci taught by a district staff member and evaluated by UT Austin faculty members.

Students’ exposure to postsecondary education will allow them to experience what taking a real college class is like. In addition, students who participate earn college credit from UT Austin, which is also transferable to any public university or college in Texas.

The cost? That’s the best part. Da Vinci students who take advantage of the OnRamps program will attend classes free of charge. As we all know, college can be very expensive as expenses add up for tuition, textbooks, supplies, etc. With OnRamps, students will not have to pay a single cent and all expenses are covered.

“This is a tremendous new opportunity for our high school students,” said Superintendent Dr. G. “We’ve all heard of the tremendous student loan debt that college graduates are burdened with after graduation. This program will provide students with the college experience and college credits they need without the expense or debt. The only thing they need is dedication and the desire to learn.”

OnRamps currently offers courses at DaVinci in the following disciplines:

  • Art and Entertainment Technologies
  • College Algebra
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • English: Rhetoric and Writing
  • Geoscience
  • U.S. History
  • Pre-Calculus

Da Vinci’s OnRamps program helps achieve one of the main goals of Da Vinci High School: providing students with a well-rounded curriculum in science, technology, engineering, and math, better known as STEM education.

Students benefit greatly from completing classes that allow their creativity and talent to bloom in STEM classes that are highly technical, but also engaging and dare we say, fun! By participating in OnRamps, students can now take their interests and talents to the next level.

OnRamps for Da Vinci students is yet another example of the district’s constant efforts to provide our students with every positive opportunity available to help them achieve their goals and dreams in life.