Anti-Discrimination Policy

All persons shall recognize and respect the rights of students as established by Federal and State law and School policy, including but not limited to adherence to Title IX prohibitions against gender discrimination in education programs which receive Federal financial assistance, as do those of the School. The educational program of the School shall be nonsectarian and shall not discriminate against any student on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, national origin, religion, disability, academic, athletic or artistic ability, or need for special education services.

Prohibitions include such activities as engaging in sexually-oriented conversations for the purpose of personal sexual gratification, telephoning students at home or elsewhere to solicit inappropriate social relationships, physical contact that reasonably would be construed as sexual in nature and enticing or threatening students to engage in sexual behavior in exchange for grades or other School-related benefit.

Such conduct or other sexual harassment of students by employees (or of employees by students or parents, or students by students) of the School can be considered discrimination on the basis of sex and may be actionable under Federal and State law, as well as subject to strict discipline, including termination of employment or expulsion under School policy.

All Title IX and/or other complaints of unlawful or inappropriate conduct by an employee with a student shall be brought to the immediate attention of the School Leadership.

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